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The King Kobra

“Come on, Dave.” The gruff voice of Julius Squeezer said from beneath the cobra mask. Dave had slipped a right hook, after his right foot had slipped, but was still able to catch the man around the waist, wriggle down, and roll him up . “Two!” Quick jabs to the Jurassic jaws caused him to release the hold. His hand clutching his chin, Dave raised to meet the man on his feet. “You’re not gonna win my mask with a roll up,” Squeezer said. Once the lord of the underground fight scene, Julius had ruled the ring with his iron fist, snake-like reflexes, and laser focus. That was until Alice came along.  “Maybe try an actual wrestling move?” Roach suggested. He was wearing a homemade referee shirt and had a whistle that could have only been described as ‘shrill’ . “I thought it was a wrestling move?” Dave said. The man in the cobra mask put his hands on his hips. He shook his head towards Roach who just shrugged. “Wanna try this again?” Squeezer’s impatience could be heard in his voic

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